Hello, I’m SHAR a Songwriter, Music Producer and Sound Designer based in Manchester. I write music and make work from the fire in my belly.

Sound Design Credits:

Astronauts -Royal Exchange Theatre 2022

Athena – RedBobble Arts 2022

Blood Harmony – Thickskin 2022

Kerbs – Graeae Theatre 2022

Belle and Mary -Dukes Theatre 2021

Utopia- Royal Exchange Theatre 2019

The accident did not take place -YESYESNONO 2019

“insert slogan here” -YESYESNONO 2018

Links to other Sound Design & Composing work:

Up The Hill – Royal Exchange Audio Project 2021

Caitlin Gleeson’s One Foot In front Of The Other – Commissioned by Oldham Coliseum 2021

Louise Fazackerley Street Dreams 2021

In my studio
Grieve Breathe Smile Repeat Co:Lab at Royal Exchange 2019
The Missing 2021
Kerbs 2022
Foundation R&D 2021 –
Credit Ingrid Turner
Belle and Mary 2021


Other Work

  • The Exhumation of Salvador Dali R&D with Emma Geraghty supported by Liverpool Hope Theatre 2022
  • Gestures Of Care R&D with Hannah Woods supported by Contact Theatre 2021
  • Foundation R&D with Luke McDonnell supported by Dukes Theatre – 2021
  • The Missing -Own work R&D supported by Contact Theatre – 2021
  • “Still Breathing” – Own work Short Film commissioned by MIF 2020
  • Grieve, Breathe, Smile, Repeat Own work Audio/Visual show commissioned by Royal Exchange Theatre  -2019


Songwriting is in my blood and runs through my very veins. I’ve currently over ten years of experience as a Singer/ Songwriter and music producer have strong vocal ability, flexibility in range and dynamic lyric writing. I’m able to work in collaboration top-lining| lyric-writing and producing moving between genres such as Pop, R&B, Soul and EDM.

Please see examples of my work below and on YouTube and Spotify and if you’re interested in collaborating please get in touch.

The L Word
Truth Be Told